The Clinical Research with Guvnis

The bioavailability of Reishield compared to uncoated ferrous sulphate was evaluated in a two-way, randomized, double-blind, cross-over postprandial intervention in healthy volunteers by measuring two iron blood parameters: transferrin saturation.


42mg of iron in the form of Reishield or ferrous sulphate (control) in dairy products.
Volunteers received 500 mL of either the test or the control products, together with a standardized breakfast.
Blood samples were collected at one-hour intervals for 6 hours after the end of the meal.


Reishield has a bioavailability equivalent to that of ferrous sulphate.

Effects of Gl-PS on

immunophenotypes of splenocytes in Cy-treated mice Immunophenotypes were evaluated by determining the absolute numbers of splenocytes in Cy-treated mice on day 9. Compared to normal mice, the numbers of both CD3+ T lymphocytes and CD3+ NK1.1+ (NKT) cells in Cy-treated mice were decreased to a similar extend in all experimental groups (Table 3). Treatment with low- and intermediate-dose of Gl-PS rescued NK1.1+ cell numbers to the normal levels, an effect that was not mimicked in other treatment groups. In addition, treatment with low-dose Gl-PS significantly increased the number of NKT cells as compared to the saline vehicle group

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